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Re: [Xen-users] problem with windowsXP

Lars Adiels wrote:
>> Strange. Did you do a full install, or are you just trying to boot an
>> already installed system with xen?
> In short I dd a windows install disk to XP.iso 

I realize my question wasn't clear, so the answer isn't what I wanted to
know - sorry.

I mean, was it previously an install that was on real hardware before?
Then forget it.
Windows is not so smart to be able to deal with changing hardware so
nicely. It sometimes can handle single device changes, but not the
complete hardware it runs on. And that's basically what you do there.

Finally that's what I found out p2v tools must be mainly useful for
after discussing a while about their use and need...

Better do a new install, or, look for those shiny tools. I have no
experience with them, I'd rather reinstall whenever possible.


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