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Re: [Xen-users] Some Xen Newbie Questions

- Tethys wrote:
On 2/8/07, Tony Angerame <aga1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

#xm list
#ID   Mem(MiB)  VCPUs   State   Time(s)
   0    12896         4              r         782.5
 11        512         2               b          21.9

Why is ID 11 always blocked?

If you only have 1 CPU, only one domain can be running at any given
time. The others will be blocked. The running domain will always be
the one on which you're running "xm list", i.e., Dom0, so your DomU
machines will always seem to be blocked. It's the same reason that ps
always shows every process other than ps itself to be sleeping.

Also has anyone noted in the heading of
the output Mem(MiB)?   MiB, is this a typo? Shouldn't it be MB?


Thanks for your help Tet. Once I assinged two vcpus to my guest host then ran something on the host the field went to r. BTW have you been running virtualisation for a while? What's your overall satisfaction/feeling about it?


Tony Angerame
UNIX Systems Administrator
St. Mary's College
Moraga, California


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