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[Xen-users] Re: Problem with Tigon3 network card in Dom0

Angel de Vicente wrote:
> The network card in this machine is (as reported by dmesg when booted with
> standard Ubuntu install):
> [   59.434219] tg3.c:v3.59.1 (August 25, 2006)
> [   59.434235] ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:05:00.0[A] -> GSI 17 (level, low)
> [   -> IRQ 177 59.434243] PCI: Setting latency timer of device
> [   0000:05:00.0 to 64 59.459777] eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95754) rev b002
> [   PHY(5787)] (PCI Express) 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet 00:13:72:34:30:d1
> [   59.459782] eth0: RXcsums[1] LinkChgREG[1] MIirq[1] ASF[0] Split[0]
> [   WireSpeed[1] TSOcap[1] 59.459785] eth0: dma_rwctrl[76180000]
> [   dma_mask[64-bit]
> But when I try to boot with the Xen kernel, there is no message about the
> card in dmesg and it just seems that it has vanished...

Well, Ubuntu 6.10 comes with a 2.6.17 kernel that has support for your
Broadcom NIC. But XENs 2.6.16 doesn't have (it has support for Broadcom tg3
NICs of course, but not for your specific modell). The simplest way is to
download Broadcoms open source drivers and compile them for your XEN
I have the same problem here and it isn't a big thing to do...


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