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[Xen-users] Newbie trying to understand how to get Xen working

First off I apologize for the stupidity of my questions here, I am a linux newbie and i've been reading forums till my head hurts and I just dont get it.

I am trying to get Xen working with ubuntu server 6.10 64bit, on a dual dualcore xeon system with 4gb ram. I got it successfully installed, so sudo xm list shows Domain-0. But i dont understand how i am supposed to install the other OS's (DomU??) All the guides i have found talk about creating an image file, bootstrapping from a link yada yada,

i guess my actual question is, is it possible to install the different OS's off of their install CD's? to actual hard drive partitions? and what do i need to do to accomplish that? I am very new to linux so be gentle please :-D

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