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Re: [Xen-users] Live Migration... shortest path


I'd agree with Daniel's previous post that using a file-backed VBD on NFS is 
clearly the easiest and fastest way to get you going in terms of being able 
to demonstrate live migration. I've seen it used by vendors on trade shows 
and expos. Just make sure you use the same mount point for your NFS share in 
both dom0's.

If, however, you'd like to demonstrate live migration where your VBDs are 
backed by "physical" (that is, dom0 block) devices, and you don't have access 
to an iSCSI or FC SAN infrastructure, you might want to use DRBD 
(www.drbd.org), which enables you to keep the block device in sync over the 
wire, kind of like networked RAID 1. Starting with version 8, you can use 
DRBD in an active/active configuration. This is normally used for cluster 
file systems such as GFS and OCFS2, however it might come in handy for Xen 
live migration as well.

That approach may be faster (in terms of performance) than file-backed VBDs on 
NFS. I'll do some testing on this over the next couple of weeks or so and let 
you know the results.


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