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Re: [Xen-users] Cannot setup domU as router between Inet, LAN and farm of virtual servers

Thanks, Jerry, what you're proposing is exactly what I'm trying to do, but i simply can't figure out, howt to modify the config-files or scripts, respectively. I read the users-manual as well as several networking-howtos and the wiki over and over again, but I seem to miss the very information I'm in need of. Any further hints? Regarding the network redesign: What I'm going to try next is *not* to hide the pci-interfaces from the dom0 but to create multiple bridges (e.g. brInet, brLan and brDmz) and to pass those into the domU which can then "route" between them.
Matthew p.S.: I don't know if this is of any interest: To me is seems almost impossible to figure out *how* to configure more than one interface/bridge or whatever concerning the network. One only gets the information that one would have to adapt the network and the vif-scripts accordingly, but I can't see how this has to be done. I'd gladly add that part, but I'm far too unsure of what I'm doing to dare. Maybe when I'm through this.

Jerry Amundson schrieb:
On 2/15/07, Matthias Wolf <matthias.wolf@xxxxxx> wrote:
What I want to do is:
Hide the 2 PCI-interfaces from dom0 (no problem), use them in a domU (no
problem), and add a virtual interface which should be enslaved to the
bridge which connects all domUs.

"Hide", by definition, does not allow the  "virtual" - the dom0 can't
make virtual what it can't see....
When I don't set up any bridge-stuff (network-script network-bridge) and
(vif-script vif-bridge) I receive a domU which acts as router between
Internet and LAN (dom0 is invisible in that configuration, and itself
can't reach the Internet)

Can anyone give me a hint, how I have to adapt the scripts as to receive
that router?

First you should redesign the network configuration, maybe including a
"dummy" virt-interface (dom0/domU's only), or maybe one nic hidden,
one bridge, but using iptables within the router-domU for net smarts,
or a like variation... jerry
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