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[Xen-users] running w2k stops after domain creation on xen-3.0.2/ 3.0.3/ 3.0.4

Hi all,

running win2k fails for me and i have no idea how to get it working. Hints 
could helping me are welcome.

Domain creation seems to be ok, but windows start failes. xend log shows
"hvm_shutdown fired, shutdown reason=None"

This is the case for xen-3.0.3 and xen-3.0.4

For xen-3.0.2 the behavior is a bit different, windows installer starts, it 
copies the files and reboots, after windows screen is coming up the progress 
bar stops and the domU is in blocking state. The log shows
"hvm_shutdown fired, shutdown reason=None"

I've compiled xen and xen-tools with debug stuff, more debug output but no 
hint why shutdown is fired.

xm dmesg also shows nothing usable.

hardware: IBM T60, Intel T2400 CPU, 1Gb Ram
system setup: gentoo linux,  gcc version 4.1.1
xen-3.0.2 with kernel
xen-3.0.3 and xen-3.0.4 with kernel 2.6.19 (gentoo-base patches, xen-patches 
from fedora fc7 testing)

configs and log see http://pastebin.ca/363547

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