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Re: [Xen-users] running w2k stops after domain creation on xen-3.0.2/ 3.0.3/ 3.0.4

Christian Fischer wrote:
> But which one? How to solve the problem if there is no hint what's causing it?
> "Reason None" is a bit too less.

Yes, Xen's debugging and error handling is a bit, say "simple" at best.

I mean the acpi value in the domU config and the acpi=off and noapic
settings on the grub command line for dom0.

>> You might also try xenoppix to see if this config and version lets you
>> run hvm domains without a problem.
> Yes, i can verify it for kernel 2.6.16 and xen-3.0.2 if my informations about 
> xenoppix are right.

No, there's a 3.0.4 version of Xenoppix, IIRC, at least 3.0.3.

>  But most probably that's not a hardware problem and the 
> configuration syntax is changed for 3.0.3 and higher. I think that makes no 
> sense.
> fglrx.ko isn't loading with and that's why i must solve the problem 
> for 2.6.18 or better 2.6.19

That you need a newer dom0 kernel then is another problem. But very
first, checlk if with a different Xen implementation it works or not.
If it also not works with xenoppix, you might have not 100% correctly
working hardware, a faulty bios or something.
These things make it hard to run hvm domains and others.

> Maybe w2k isn't supported at the moment, but it should install,

I didn't say it''s not supported, only that I didn't try. If it's not
supported and doesn't work, then it's likely that it's even unstallable.


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