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Re: [Xen-users] XenEnterprise-3.1.0-install.iso

> This CD in my subject line  looked like a good way to go -- reminded me
> of the LIVE CDs the Xen developers  used to come out with.

I think there's a live CD on the website although I'm not sure if it's for 
3.0.3 rather than the latest release.

> I was unable 
> to find out what was the base Dom0 distribution of this CD.  Could a
> person upgrade (extend) the base distribution or is it intended to be
> fixed AS IS.

I'm not sure if the system is designed for extension or not.  The logical 
thing to do is arguably to run any "extras" in domains and keep the dom0 
minimal and close to the supplied setup.  I don't actually know about the 
XenSource product so I don't know to what extent they allow customisation.

My guess at the base distro would be debian, but that's just a suspicion.

> Sorry if this is a dumb question but the answer is not obvious to me.

The Xensource forums can probably provide more useful answers than I can - 
this list is mostly full of open source Xen users, rather than users of 
XenEnterprise and friends.


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