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Re: [Xen-users] how to make usb drive work with domU ?

> Hia..
> If i am not wrong, in past someone told me that USB Drive can be accessed
> in virtual machine by configuring it.
> So could any one just let me know how to get hold of this issue....

In the special case of a USB drive, plug it into dom0 and export the phy: 
device corresponding to it into the guest.  Look up what device your USB 
drive is in dom0 (e.g. look in the dmesg output), then use that as the phy: 
device to export.  In the guest it'll appear as a normal hard drive.  
*however* the guest won't know it's a USB drive, so you need to unmount it 
(or equivalent) to make sure the data is flushed before you remove the USB 
stick (and then you should probably xm block-remove before you unplug the 

The other posters in this thread have been talking about dedicating a host USB 
port to guest control: that can be done in principle, but support seems to be 
buggy at the moment.


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