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Re: [Xen-users] (MS|DR|RX|TD)-DOS in domU

> is it possibel to run DOS in a domU?

Not without hardware support for virtualisation extensions *or* some other 
emulator layer (see discussion on Qemu below):

I wouldn't be at all surprised if not everything worked on Intel boxes at the 
moment, since the VT-x support for Realmode under Xen isn't so good...  As 
Mats said it may be more of a question of crazy memory tricks not working 
rather than standard DOS failing out right.  It would be interesting to 

> I have the need for a Virtual-Machine to test
> recoded embedded systems but "dosemu" has not the
> same environement like a real virtual machine.

Considered Qemu?  Your distro may well include it and it'll perform well 
enough for DOS use...  You could always run it in a Xen VM if you want!


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