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Re: [Xen-users] Problems with attaching block device to DomU

> I am running Xen on Ubuntu. I am trying to attach a block device(usb pen
> drive) to domU. When i plug in my pen drive, it gets attached to dom0 on
> /dev/sdb1. I executed the command
> xm block-attach 3 phy:/dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc ro (3 is the guest vm's id)
> i get the error.
> Error: Device 2080 (vbd) could not be connected.
> Device /dev/sdb1 is mounted in the privileged domain,
> and so cannot be mounted by a guest.
> Where am i going wrong? Is the command correct in the first place?

The pendrive has probably been automatically mounted by Ubuntu.  If you 
unmount it you'll be able to export it to the guest safely...

It's probably mounted as /media/usbdisk or similar.


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