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Re: [Xen-users] Alternative to bridge

Henning Sprang schrieb:
On 4/18/07, adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxx <adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need hubs instead of switches.

What do you mean exactly? Can you specify which exact
behaviour/functionality  you are missing?
What I mean is that the bridge is too smart - it works like a switch by sending the packets to the "port" they are supposed to be send to. I need a hub instead so that all hosts will receive all packages.

Does anybody know if a similar setup is also possible with Xen?

In general, Xen networking has a routed, natted, and bridged mode.
Things that are supported by the Linux Kernel. It might exist  but I
don't know of "hub" networking functions in the kernel. If there's
Kernel function for it, and userspace tools to administer them, you
can write your own network script.
Ok, I didn`t mean these functions - I am using bridged mode but I am asking for a possibility for the bridge to act like a hub.


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