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Re: [Xen-users] Running XEN in redundant setup.


> I'm looking for some information how to setup a redundant XEN
> environment, with active-active or active-passive XEN Dom0's. I'm not
> sure if the drbd setup fits me as this system is going to be in
> production (please prove me wrong!). What alternatives do I have for a
> redundant setup? Anyone running a redundant setup and want to share
> their experiences and thoughts?

I have two Xen-Hosts running about 30 virtual machines with a NFS
Storage as Backend. The NFS storage are two servers running in
active-standby mode using heartbeat and drbd as storage, which is
exported via nfs from the active fileserver node to the two xen hosts.
Hardware are 4 Intel Blade Server SBX82 (compatible with IBM HS20).

Works fine since about 3/4 year. 

Greetings Torge

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