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Re: [Xen-users] Running XEN in redundant setup.

On Monday 02 July 2007, Zimbra wrote:
> I'm using a San to share disks over iscsi.  Redhat's cluster suite
> wouldn't work for me so I went with oracle's ocfs2.  I then used
> heartbeat2 to with an active-active configuration.  It works great.
> With bonded interfaces it's particularly stable.

i guess you're using image files over OCFS2, instead of block devices over 
(C)LVM/EVMS.  i'd guess that OCFS2 is optimised for raw-access to big files 
(like certain big-O-name DB does); does the xen image file backend do the 
same kind of raw access? if so, the file backend performance could be very 
close to using block devices.

any comments on this from the people that knows the code?


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