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Re: [Xen-users] VCPU number configuration

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<br />> <br />> as when I installed the XenU I initialized the VCPU=1, is it
<br />> <br />> possible to change VCPU=2
<br />> <br />
<br />> <br />No, not without restarting the guest from scratch. Whilst it's
<br />> possible <br />to REDUCE the processor count, you can't increase it 
<br />> it's been <br />started [actually, the technicality of it is that 
there's a
<br />> MAX_CPU <br />count in the domain config parameters, which is hidden 
<br />> the config <br />files at present, but that is the number of VCPU's
<br />> "reserved" when the <br />domain is set up, and with a normal config 
<br />> you get MAX_VCPUS=VCPUS <br />at the domain creation].
<br />> <br />
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<br />> <br />Mats
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<br />> <br />
<br />> <br />
<br />> So if I want to get a guest with 2 VCPUs, I must install a new one? no
<br />> other ways?
<br />
<br />Just change the config file, shut down the guest and then start it again.
<br />
<br />As long as the guest has an SMP-capable kernel, it should pick up the 
<br />VCPUs straight away.

Firstly sry forgot to CC to list just now

I did so, change the VCPU=2, but when I reboot the guest, it will halt with 
blackscreen(see the attached 1.png) after start. xm list shows the VCPU is 
already 2 now.
puzzled why it hangs :(
Checked my guest kernel, SMP.


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<br />Cheers,
<br />Mark
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