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Re: [Xen-users] RHEL3 domU

Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
harishs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I am a newbie to xen and I have a very basic understanding of xen and its
This is my requirement:
My Dom 0: Ubuntu Feisty
Dom U: RHEL3

Now I have got my Dom 0 running. The problem is with Dom U. I'm just not
sure how I
should create a xen enabled RHEL3 image.
Short answer : you can't. Not if you want PV DomU.
Xen 3.x doesn't support PV linux 2.4 kernel which RHEL3 uses.
You might be able to create HVM DomU though.

In fact, it is only matter of having a RHEL with a 2.6 kernel. You have to do a bit of upgrade (i.e. to avoid QM_MODULES errors) and then it will work. Not fine, not production stable (IMHO) but it will work, and if it is a strict requirement as in my case you don't have much more options. I'm running a SKC4 dom0 with 2cpu/2gig ram old xeon processor, non VT, supporting 4 domU whic are 3 SLC3 and 1 SLC4.

I've done this with Scientific Linux CERN 3 domU over a SLC 4 dom0. SLC is basically RHEL so these info may apply also to your case.

important: have a look at /dev/* permissions before saying it works :)


xen domU images:

installing kernel 2.6 on SLC3:


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