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Re: [Xen-users] Kubuntu Guest on CentOS5 host

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As PV guests require xen-enabled kernels, I'd suggest the best method
for you to follow would be to install Feisty either as a HVM guest or
using Qemu.  You could then download a xen enabled kernel/initrd (
either store these in dom0 somewhere or use pygrub if you want to keep
them inside the guest; I tend to prefer storing them in dom0. Don't
forget to copy the modules into the guest's file system if neccessary),
and create a new configuration to use that disk image in a PV guest with
the xen-ified kernel you downloaded (you could probably get away with
using the same kernel as you do in dom0, as long as its not only a dom0
kernel (I think the kernel in the 3.1 binary can do both dom0 and domU))

I find that virt-manager/virt-install work well for installing Fedora
and RHEL based distros, but I think it relies on having an appropriate
initrd that launches the install scripts, so if the distro in question
doesn't provide this (in a location Xen knows about), it won't work.
I've come across the same issue before, fortunately its fairly easy to
get round.


Paul Waldo wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a CentOS5 host and I'm trying to install Kubuntu Feisty as a
> paravirtualized guest.  I tried using virt-manager and mounting the
> Feisty DVD via NFS.  Unfortunately, I got the error
> "Invalid NFS location given: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
> '/var/lib/xen/xennfs.Pu9bAv/xen/vmlinuz'"
> My understanding is that virt-manager is looking for a Xen kernel at the
> install location in directory /xen.
> So, is there any way to install a non-xen-enabled distro as a
> paravirtualized guest?  Thanks for any help!
> Paul
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