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Re: [Xen-users] xen baremetal 3.2.99 console


Thanks for weighing in on this, it's good to know what's what.

James: I'm sorry my information was out of date!  Roger's explanation of what 
happened on the forums here: 

So, for now it looks like you should use the "xe" command-line management tool 
if you want to use XenEnterprise.  Hopefully future releases will include a 
web-based management console for graphical management.

However, if you've got particular requirements for what you're trying to 
achieve, maybe we can take this opportunity to discuss what they are and 
figure out a way you can achieve them in the interim, potentially using the 
open source tools if the XenSource ones don't fit.


> The GUI for versions before the current 4.0 beta was written in Java
> (but does not run in a browser).  For reasons I've explained in detail
> in the forums, the GUI for the upcoming version, which is now in beta,
> is a Windows .NET application.
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> > I am not sure if I read this wrong but it is required to run windows
> > client in order to use the new xen console for 3.2.99?  Is there a
> > linux or wine version being created by the opensource foks?
> > We do not have windows running nor the desire to reinstall it on
> anything.
> Are you asking about the Xen{Express,Server,Enterprise} product?  This
> list is
> mostly about the open source release of Xen so people here aren't so
> familiar
> with those products; we try to answer but we don't always know ;-)
> There are
> forums at http://forums.xensource.com that might be able to answer your
> question more specifically.
> I was under the impression that the management console for XenSource's
> products was written in Java and could be run either on Windows or Linux
> -
> indeed, I thought maybe it was useable from a web browser.  I vaguely
> recall
> reading about a Linux installer for it.
> Cheers,
> Mark

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