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Re: [Xen-users] Push for Better Documentation

>    I'm sorry, but please look again. A number of documents  from the tarball
>    are in *LaTeX*.  It converts the LaTeX documentation into podfiles and
>    turns those into man pages, using /usr/bin/latex, /usr/bin/dot,
>    /usr/bin/ps2pdf, and a variety of other undocumented requirements to
>    rebuild the documentation from their original format.

If you're only interested in man pages, you only need to worry about
the pod stuff.  The longer docs, like the user guide or the xen-api
doc might be in other formats.  To convert pod to pdf you first
convert it to latex, so that's part of what you're seeing.

It looks like the make file only uses tools it finds.  For instance,
it won't build the python-dev-docs if it doesn't find doxygen.  

So, if you want to edit the man pages, you can do so without worrying
about latex or anything else.

>    Inconsistent document format is a long-standing problem of a lot of
>    projects.

Yes.  I totally agree about this.  It's a total pain that they're not
all written in pod or docbook or some other single format.  You can
always convert between formats, but you should have one canonical
format for your project.

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