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Re: [Xen-users] Using thin clients with xen images on server?

Mark Clarke wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to know if the following is possible:

Option A
Thin clients which network boots and the server gives it a virtual workstation. The thin client just displays the screen, similar to a terminal server but with a complete environment for the user on the server. The reason I want to do this instead of just using a linux terminal server is that each user may need to install stuff like php applications to test etc. i.e development machines.
You could surely run xdm (with network turned on) on each xen image. At your X server (display), you would just choose which box you wanted to login to.

I just got done moving my Ubuntu "Sun Ray Server Software" out of a VMware container/image onto real hardware. The SRSS worked fine in both. I will most likely migrate it into a Xen image. My SunRay clients don't mind where it lives.

If you don't know how to configure SRSS (hard) or xdm (moderate)... You could always "ssh -X bigbox1 firefox" where you had bigbox(N). And everyone could get to apps as long as they had an X server.

Option B
I couldn't find any info on doing this and had decided that I would have to

1) Buy a bunch of entry level pcs,
2) On boot up get DOM0 to run and then to go and fetch an image off the server and then download it to the local machine and start it up.

I then heard on a podcast a guy from vmware saying that option A is what they have some of their clients doing.

Any tips for doing this with XEN?
Xen doesn't change the problem. You have a bunch of networked sandboxes... (doesn't matter that they are virtual machines) now how are you going to connect to them? What is on the desks of the users? LTSP type hardware? SunRay? X-Term?


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