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Re: [Xen-users] Paravirtualized on FC5/6 or CentOS4/5 with 64bit hypervisor?

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Have you tried using a kernel compiled with Xen 3.1 with these FC5/6 and
Centos 4/5 guests?  In my experience you need to do this to run 32 bit
PV on a 64 bit hypervisor.

I've not tried installing FreeBSD, but if its a HVM, I don't see why it
should fail.  Are you creating it with virt-manager?  Does it give you
any errors?  What about the log files?  And where in the install did it
stop working?

As for the Debian install, I'm guessing your putting a web address or
NFS share into the install media URL box.  If this is the case, I'm not
sure that virt-manager recognises Debian directory structures.  Have you
tried installing it as a HVM (or with Qemu) and converting it to PV?

Hope this helps,


thewird wrote:
> I have 32bit FC7 installed and I replaced the hypervisor (xen.gz) with
> its 64bit version by extracting the RPM in order to allow me to see my
> 28GB of ram. Everything works fine and I can install both 32bit and
> 64bit FC7's paravirtualized. However, when I try to install (32bit)
> FC5/6 or Centos4/5 paravirtualized, it will not work. The VNC windows
> doesn't pop up and I notice the guest shuts down. They work fine if
> installed as fully virtualized guests as they should. Anything I need
> to do to make paravirtualized work with these Distro's? Thanks to
> everyone whos been helping this Xen beginner along.
> On a side note, when I tried installing FreeBSD 6.2 fully virtualized,
> it also didn't work. When I tried installing Debian, the install booted
> fine and I was setting up the install when virtmanager complained about
> something saying the install didn't work (even though it was running
> fine) and closed/deleted the VM.
> Marco Jorge
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