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Re: [Xen-users] winxp HVM configuration file

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If it's a recent version of virt-manager then I'm pretty sure you won't
find any config file, but you can get an xml one by running 'virsh
dumpxml <domID>'.  I think the version in Centos 5 stored the config
file as /etc/xen/name-of-domU, where the examples are, which is
generally where I store mine.  Once you've got the xml file, use virsh
to create the domain in future, as I don't think they can be used with xm.

As for your last question, which file?  If you mean a config (xm format
or xml for virsh) file, then I'm not sure that you can, but for errors,
check the console or error logs. Generally, if it encounters errors, the
domain won't start. You'll just get an error on the console or
virt-manager should tell you if you're using that.  Sometimes the errors
may seem a bit cryptic, but generally you'll find something on Google.


Johnson, Tony M wrote:
> If I use the virtual machine manager to create full virtualized domains,
> is the equivalent .hvm generated somewhere. If so, where can I find it,
> if not, where should the manual file be located?
> Lastly, how do I determine which file has been loaded and whether any
> errors occurred? Thanks
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