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Re: [Xen-users] Howto install domU CentOS 5 directly on partition

Hi Liam,
I'd like to see the details - I'll try on a f7 machine. It would be great not to have to learn everything from scratch for once!
Paul Van Allsburg

Liam Kirsher wrote:
I used virt-install, and selected custom partitioning during the install
process, removing the LVM stuff and reducing it to one partition.  Then
the install proceeded fine.  That created my "template" OS, with a
single partition and no swap (ignore the warning about missing swap
during install).  That is created on a logical volume accessible from
dom0, can be mounted with kpartx and mount.

Now I just create logical volumes for data and swap, and copy (using dd)
the template to the data, mkswap on swap.
Then, mount the data volume, make a few changes, and just start it up.
I can send more details if you like, but I've got to run now.
It took me a *looooong* time to figure out exactly how to do it, but now
I can set up a new domU in less than ten minutes, and it´s easy to
access the domU files from dom0.


kanour-xen wrote:

I am new to CentOS (Debian user) and I am looking for way how to
install CentOS 5 on domU in the way that I have it directly on dom0
LVM partition.
If I install it with virtual-manager then the installation program
takes that partition as a disk and then creates new partitions on it.
I don't want it that way because I cannot then mount it from dom0.

Is there some way how to install it directly on partition as for
example in Debian with debootstrap?

Thank you


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