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Re: [Xen-users] Purchasing only the Windows PV drivers for Xen

James Harper schrieb:
Does anyone have any info on how I might acquire the PV drivers for
Windows? Obviously Windows doesn't perform as well without them, but I
don't want to be tied to the XenSource branded commercial releases...

Is it possible to purchase them separately? Is there anyone at XenSource
that we could petition to consider doing this?


We're running a custom Xen installation here, which is based on open-source 3.1 (and we used earlier versions of open source Xen, too).

We evaluated various commercial offering (from XenSource, Virtual Iron etc.), but it just doesn't match our needs (really customized iSCSI, really customized VLANs, really customized bonding, failover, monitoring, etc. - you just can't implement that in commercial offerings).

We don't need commercial Xen support; we're able to support ourselves just fine.

The problem is, we can't run Windows with open-source Xen, as it lacks paravirtual drivers, so performance is poor.

As a result, we're running Windows on VMware, which we don't like, really.

If someone offered Windows PV drivers for a reasonable amount of money per virtualized Windows machine, we'd be glad to throw VMware away, and use Xen for everything we virtualize.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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