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Re: [Xen-users] Purchasing only the Windows PV drivers for Xen

Emre Erenoglu schrieb:
I really don't understand how Xensource can't give the PV drivers for everybody without any charge or whatsoever. Don't they want their product to concuer the virtualization world? How will they do it without taking Windows into the picture?

That's not true what you're saying.

Look at VMWare, they perfectly deliver the Vmware Server, and yes, you get the drivers with it.
What keeps Xensource from providing these to us?

Same is with XenSource - just download XenExpress, it's something comparable to VMware server, and like its competitor, it includes paravirtual Windows drivers.

What some of us want though, are PV Windows drivers that could work with Xen built from sources. These drivers don't have to be free, and some of us would be glad to pay for them.

BTW, I tried setting up XenExpress, no luck until now, can't get some sata drivers to work.

Yet another reason why someone would like to pay just for PV drivers, but not for the whole XenServer / XenEnterprise / SLES / whatever.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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