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Re: [Xen-users] Re: dom0 crashes

Ryan Burke wrote:
Bernhard Schmidt <berni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You might have to delete all files in /var/lib/xenstored/

This solved it for me on CentOs 5

I think it lives substantially longer when no domU is running at all,
but I'm not exactly sure and I don't know how long I will have that
Peppercon thing, so I'd rather not sit a week waiting for a crash
without domU.
Crashed again without domU, I'm going to downgrade now.
Downgrading to 3.0.4 did not work (the kernel does not
find/use my VIA SATA controller), upgrading to 3.0-unstable (from hg)
exposes the very same problem, freeze of dom0 within minutes to hours.

Informations with xen 3.1.0:
xm dmesg: http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xm_dmesg.txt
xm info:  http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xm_info.txt
dmesg:    http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/dmesg.txt
dom0 conf: http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xen.config

The machine is perfectly stable with Kernel 2.6.18-4-amd, I've been
doing bzip2/bunzip2/diff in a loop for half a day now, no issues.
Memtest86+ is currently running, but does not show any issues as well.

Any more information needed? Should I open a bugreport?


Yes you need to submit a bug report. It looks like you've done a good
amount of testing on your own, its time to at least open an issue with the
developers. I personally don't know what else could be going on.


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