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Re: [Xen-users] Re: dom0 crashes

Steven wrote:


You might have to delete all files in /var/lib/xenstored/
This solved it for me on CentOs 5

Didn't help. It appears to have been a hardware issue after all, I had my hoster replace the mainboard for one with an AMD chipset and it was still crashing. After replacing RAM, CPU and Power Supply the machine has been stable for over a week now. Again note that all possible test tools (memtest86+, cpuburn, compression/decompression/md5 in a loop) worked fine.

Still a little bit too early to be sure (I once had an uptime of >1 week before, although without load), but it looks like a solution. I'll keep looking for one more week and close the bugzilla report I opened.

I think it lives substantially longer when no domU is running at all,
but I'm not exactly sure and I don't know how long I will have that
Peppercon thing, so I'd rather not sit a week waiting for a crash
without domU.
Crashed again without domU, I'm going to downgrade now.
Downgrading to 3.0.4 did not work (the kernel does not
find/use my VIA SATA controller), upgrading to 3.0-unstable (from hg)
exposes the very same problem, freeze of dom0 within minutes to hours.

Informations with xen 3.1.0:
xm dmesg: http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xm_dmesg.txt
xm info:  http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xm_info.txt
dmesg:    http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/dmesg.txt
dom0 conf: http://users.birkenwald.de/~berni/volatile/xen.config

The machine is perfectly stable with Kernel 2.6.18-4-amd, I've been
doing bzip2/bunzip2/diff in a loop for half a day now, no issues.
Memtest86+ is currently running, but does not show any issues as well.

Any more information needed? Should I open a bugreport?


Yes you need to submit a bug report. It looks like you've done a good
amount of testing on your own, its time to at least open an issue with the
developers. I personally don't know what else could be going on.


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