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[Xen-users] weird mtu problem with xen3.1 + bonding

Hi list,

I'm experiencing a weird problem which seems to be caused by the network layer. What happens is that our domU is sending out ethernet frames with sizes >MTU, which is not supposed to happen.

The setup is as follows:

peth0 \              /  vif0.0 -- dom0
       bond0 -- bobr0
peth1 /              \  vifN.0 -- domU

where bond0 is a HA bonding interface, and bobr0 is a bridge.

All these interfaces have mtu <= 1500 in both the dom0 and domU, and no MTUs set for specific routes, so I'd expect frames coming from those interfaces to behave nicely.

Versions:  xen 3.1.0
Dom0 kernel: 2.6.18-xen [from xen-3.1.0-install-x86_32p.tgz]
DomU kernel: 2.6.18-xen [the same]

I've tried lowering all MTUs in the system, but I can't seem to be getting it to work.

Anyone with good ideas?


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