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[Xen-users] tap devices are not being created after system restart

I use

kernel-xen.x86_64                        2.6.20-2931.fc7
virt-manager.x86_64                      0.4.0-2.fc7
xen-libs.x86_64                          3.1.0-2.fc7
xen.x86_64                               3.1.0-2.fc7

with FC7.

I want bridged networking for my virtual machines, so I create fully virtualized
DomUs with virt-manager and add eth0 (bridged, as ethernet device). When I start
Domu I see with ifconfig a device called  tap0 and rest (vifx,x,
virbr0,peth0,eth0). My virtual machine (ubuntu drapper 32bit) recognize
interface as eth1 and networking is up, although virt-manager show source and
target interface as eth0.
After system reboot a device tap0 is not created and DomU kernel see no network
interfaces at all, when it start.
The only way to create tap device is to stop DomU, then remove existing
interfaces with virt-manager and readd them and start DomU again. DomU bridged
networking is up till next system (Dom0) reboot. The same is for any existing

Very similar problem (may be they are related).
When I create a new fully virtualized DomU and use iso image as cdrom everything
starts up installation goes on till next DomU reboot. After DomU reboot it
cannot start again. Logs show that there are no disk (cdrom) image. I cannot
start newly created DomU even after system or xend restart - the same. After
manually fixing coressponding  cdrom device entry from
/var/lib/xend/domains/newlycreateddomanid/config.sxp (which apparently is not
the one I added with virt-manager, because it points not to image, but hdc) and
restarting xend, I am able to start DomU again.


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