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[Xen-users] specs for multiuse xen boks + drbd for redundancy

Hi guys

We are just about to start testing with Xen so I thought i'd share my ideas and hopefully get some feedback..

The plan is to run:
win2k3 domain controller
win2k3 accounting software
win2k3 sales rep. software
win2k3 IIS
winxp  misc lightweight

etch internal wiki/jabber/misc
etch internal dhcp/dns
etch file/backup frontend with storage vault attached

and i was thinking about a dell PE 2900 with
2x quadcore e5310 1.6ghz 1066mhz fsb
8 gb mem

and use sas 15k 146gb drives in some sort of raid..

My questions are the following:
First of all, do you think the specs above is sufficient? and will the performance on the HVM domains be good enough for production use even without the HVM PV drivers?

2nd What type of raid is recommended. The drives are fast, but raid5 is so slow. I was thinking maybe raid10

3rd For redundancy, I was planning on 2 of these boxes running with drbd in an active/active setup. What is the best practice here?
drbd + clvm?

Ive previously run testes with AoE and LVM and it worked quite ok for awhile. In the end we got metadata errors even tho the LVs were never mounted on two hosts at the same time..

Sorry for (maybe) bringing up problems that have been discussed here before. I couldnt find "alot" of info regarding drbd active/active setups and best practice..

Thx in advance


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