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RE: [Xen-users] VNC to HVM not starting

It does influence the port, your original assumption was correct.
However the parameter could be broken on your version of xen.
What version of xen are you running?
Are you running a packaged from a distribution or compiled from source?

The vncdisplay parameter did/does _NOT_ work in RHEL 5, or Fedora Core 6
if I recall correctly (xen 3.0.3).  It is working correctly in Fedora 7
and the beta of RHEL 5.1 (essentially xen 3.1).

It worked correctly for me in xen 3.0.4 in gentoo as well as xen 3.1 on

I have not tried any other distributions so I cannot comment.

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 19:18 +0200, Artur Linhart - Linux communication
> Hello,
>       I've tested it and this is not true what I said and thought, it
> seems to be the fact the display is not influencing the port...
>       What does it influence, dies anybody know it? Is it a "bug or a
> feature"? What is then the purpose of the vncdisplay option in the
> configuration?
>       With best regards
>               Archie

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