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[Xen-users] Error: Device 2049 could not be connected.


I think I have some configuration problem...modifying xen configuration the hotplug error disappears, but now I have (I hope...) a "last" problem.

I use this command: xm create -c myvmconf vmid=1

Dom start and I receive this message: http://doxspace.altervista.org/xen-error.txt

hummm......I think this is configuration problem (swap error for example...first line...)....I have some doubt about "disk" option...

My configuration is here: http://doxspace.altervista.org/myvmconf

Grub configuration: http://doxspace.altervista.org/menu.lst

You have some ideas?


Best Regards

xSAPPYx wrote:

Check your xen-hotplug log, it should give you some ideas where your failure is.

I ran into this error a few days ago on a gentoo box. a weird version
of 'stat' was installed, so the hotplug scripts were failing their
sanity checks.

Anyway, poke at your logs and find the errors


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