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Re: [Xen-users] Installing Centos5 into Solaris-Xen DomU

Sergey wrote:
> I have posted in http://vireso.blogspot.com my notes about installing
> Centos5 (from DVD image) into DomU on OpenSolaris Xen
> (xen-nv66-2007-06-24).
> Using OpenSolaris for Dom0 gives such advantage as zfs zvols for "phy"
> devices in DomUs, so zfs snapshot & zfs send gives you incredible fast
> and convenient full/incremental backup/restore of full DomUs.

Have you done some I/O benchmark tests?
I'm using zfs-fuse, and quite frankly, performance sucks.
Convinient backup/restore feature from zfs will be great if only it has
(at least) half the performance of ext3 over LVM.



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