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[Xen-users] No network interface into HVM domU


I have a strange problem. I googled since about one month and never found anything positive.

Everything is ok when installing or compiling. A can create domU HVM guests with default xend-config.sxp file (HVM guests, network bridge mode).

My problem is : when I want to use my own network scripts instead of bridge for the HVM guests, the network interfaces are not created inside the guests. When I comment out (network-script network-bridge) and (network-script vif-bridge) then the network interfaces are no longer created inside the HVMs. Uncommenting (network-script network-nat) and (network-script vif-nat) instead of using my own scripts does nothing better.

Tested with : Debian Etch and CentOS 5 + xen 3.0 from packages and xen 3.1 from sources, each combination with a fresh install.
I searched into xend.log and found nothing special. I'm really out of ammunitions.

Someone have any tip for this problem ?


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