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Re: [Xen-users] Some questions about PCI-passthrough for HVM(Non-IOMMU)

éè wrote:
> Hello,
>         I saw some patches about PCI-passthrough for HVM(non-IOMMU)
> and I am interested in it. I want to assign my graphics card(nVidia
> GeForce 7900GS) to an
> HVM domain (Vista) in order to run 3D-intensive work(for example, 3D-games).
> What I want to ask is that is it really possible to pass the graphics
> card to HVM domain running Vista now? That is, have anyone ever
> successfully
> passed a modern graphics card to a Vista HVM? Since the graphics card
> is a kind of complicated device. Are there any technical problems with
> the passthrough
> of a modern graphics card?

I tried that once and fiddled around with it, but wasn't really
successfull (long time ago, can't remember the exact problems).

I'm not sure anymore, if I tried with a machine with one or two cards.

Sure, you have to hide the PCI/AGP port from the dom0 - with using one
card only, this means you have _no_ graphics output and you have to run
So, having two cards might make it easier, but I don't know if it's even
possible at all.


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