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Re: [Xen-users] CPU's vs. VCPUS


> I would
> however, like to run a single domU domain, with a single VCPU, but get the
> power of say, 7 cores, leaving 1 to the dom0 instance. First off, I would
> like to know if this is possible.

No it's imppossible : multiples cpus means parallelization, so the
scheduler of the guest OS has to be aware of each cpus.

1 vcpu = 1 hardware thread.

> In my config file I have specified cpus = "1-7" and vpus=1 in the hope
> that
> the 1 vcpu would be an almighty powerful one, but this isn't the case.

This mean that your vcpus can use one of the 1-7 cpus, and not the 0 one.
But only one at a time.


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