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Re: [Xen-users] CPU's vs. VCPUS

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 04:49:17PM -0700, matthewh wrote:
> I have a dual - Quad Core Intel 5535 VT 2.66 server, with 24G ram running
> CentOS5 dom0 and domU (both 64 bit). Everything works great and I am VERY
> impressed with the efficiency of Xen (i have always been a UML man). I would
> however, like to run a single domU domain, with a single VCPU, but get the
> power of say, 7 cores, leaving 1 to the dom0 instance. First off, I would
> like to know if this is possible.

If this would work it could be the answer to all scaling problems, just
add cores together and present this as one to the domU.
Cant work if you imagine that there get instructions computed on multiple
cores simultaneously, you cant 'shuffle those instructions around to
present it as one fast core' to the domU.

> cpus="0-7"
"the domU can run on the physical cores numbered 0-7"

> vcpus=1
"present one logical core to the domU"

is what you are saying in the config.


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