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Re: [Xen-users] how to install Windows without hardware support

As stated before, the answer is no, you cannot run Windows on Xen without VT hardware.  It isn't just Windows, either - you cannot do "Full Virtualization" on Xen for any operating system without VT hardware.  If you don't have VT hardware, you must use paravirtualized mode, which limits your O/S choices to Linux, OpenSolaris, and a few BSD flavors.

>>> On 2007/10/02 at 22:39, "suyash jape" <suyashjape@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes.i agree paravirtualization is better.But i was wondering if we have no VT hardware and still want to put windows on Xen. Can Qemu VMs be managed through the xen interface.

On 10/3/07, Artur Baruchi <mail.baruchi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No... You cannot install windows in a non-VT hardware using Xen as your VMM.

With QEMU is possible, but u gonna have a lot of performance problem... =/

If you wanna virtualize your data center and dont have the VT tech,
you should use paravirtualization... remember that paravirtualization
has some advantages, like better IO.


On 10/2/07, suyash jape <suyashjape@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
> Hi all
> 1) Is installing Windows on non-VT hardware possible....in full
> virtualization mode.?
>   Its clear that windows cannot be installed in paravirtualized mode without
> VT hardware support. But can we install windows VMs in full virtualization
> mode ( like VMware or Qemu )  in Xen.
> What if someone cannot afford VT hardware and still wants to virtualize his
> data center with Xen.
> and is ready to take the performance hit , just for his Windows VMs.
> For this , do we have to use Qemu separately?
> Can we incoporate these emulated Windows VMs with the other Xen VMs(linux
> VMs ) for Xen VM management, considering only non -VT hardware.
> Thanks
>  Suyash
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