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Re: [Xen-users] PV drivers to improve performance

Hi James,

James Harper wrote:
Hi folks,

I know that exist PV drivers for Windows on Xensource products, and
these drivers improve the disk and network performance of HVM windows
guests. Anybody knows how much?

How much performance improvement or how much cost?
how much improvement
The PV drivers for xensource only appear to work on xensource products, not 
with the open sourced version of Xen.
I know... :(
I'm attempting to write some PV drivers for Windows which will be open sourced 
(GPL). I'm struggling to find the time just lately but am making reasonable 
progress... I have a PCI driver which creates a windows bus, and the beginnings 
of a XenStore driver that attaches to it. At some point soon I hope to be able 
to get a 'clean shutdown' working (eg 'xm shutdown' will actually shut down a 
windows machine instead of pulling the plug on it).

Please can you give me some pointers about how to make PV drivers? I will be very interested to know a little bit more how they works. Any idea about PV drivers for FreeBSD?



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