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Re: [Xen-users] PV drivers to improve performance

> > I'm attempting to write some PV drivers for Windows which will be open
> > sourced (GPL). I'm struggling to find the time just lately but am making
> > reasonable progress... I have a PCI driver which creates a windows bus,
> > and the beginnings of a XenStore driver that attaches to it. At some
> > point soon I hope to be able to get a 'clean shutdown' working (eg 'xm
> > shutdown' will actually shut down a windows machine instead of pulling
> > the plug on it).
> Please can you give me some pointers about how to make PV drivers? I
> will be very interested to know a little bit more how they works. Any
> idea about PV drivers for FreeBSD?

There were some PV drivers for the FreeBSD port (which never quite got 
finished).  Most recent code was in the Perforce repositories, but hadn't 
been pushed to the mainline because some work was left to do (making Xenbus 
integrate nicely with Newbus, or something like that).

Worth noting there are also PV-on-HVM drivers available for Linux in the main 
Xen tree (for a variety of Linux 2.6 kernels, possibly also for 2.4) which 
may be useful as a starting point to see what needs to be done.  A decent 
proportion of this is available under a BSD / MIT type license and can 
probably be ported over directly.


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