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[Xen-users] Re: Using vncserver and vncviewer on XEN problems...

Or you can configure and SDL frontend so that when you start the domain a window will open on dom0's display, giving you a "virtual display" to interact with directly.

I don't understand well that you say but I search some infos about that :D

If you're running VNC in the guest, the IP address should be that of the guest. If you ever configure dom0 to export the display, then you'd instead want to use the IP address of dom0.

Exactly! I run VNC server in dom0 (work fine and return a message about a :1 display created well....) and I try to use 'vncviewer ip_domU:1' but I receive this error: "Error: Can't open display:".

Any idea?



P.S. (Sorry for bad subject in previous message....)

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