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Re: [Xen-users] clocksource/0: Time went backwards

Just happened again...
Nobody has an idea what might be happening? This is obviously some kind of 
bug.. :)



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Subject: [Xen-users] clocksource/0: Time went backwards

Dear fellow Xen'ers!

I'm having a problem with my new Xen-enabled colocation server.. I hope ( at 
least ;) ) one of you guys know how to fix this problem..

For a certain amount of time ( 1-2 days ) the domU runs fine.. until the 
console starts spitting out messages like these:

[80182.004456] clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-6917292717540055641 
shadow=80182004054805 offset=400471
[80182.004507] clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-6917292717540005396 
shadow=80182004054805 offset=450712
[80182.004762] clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-6917292717539750360 
shadow=80182004054805 offset=705812
[80182.004842] clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-6917292717539670405 
shadow=80182004054805 offset=785744
[80182.004918] clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-6917292717539594298 
shadow=80182004054805 offset=861851

The only action left is an xm shutdown, after which an xm create boots up the 
machine fine for the next couple of days..

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10, with the stock xen kernel ( 2.6.22-13-xen ).

An ubuntu bug has already been reported and appended to by multiple persons 


Anyone have any ideas/patches/hints/.../anything that can help?

Thanks a lot guys!

Kind regards,

Bart Verwilst

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