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[Xen-users] Virtual backend network

Hi all,

I have a root server on which I am using Xen to segregate various tasks (mail/www...)

At the moment I have the various domains all bridged and talking to the world via their own IP addresses (dom0 has one IP, the others are in a different subnet).

I would like that much of the network to remain the same, but to have a second, virtual network, to allow me to have home directories "remote"ly mounted from dom0 to the domU's - minimising the number of places I need to back up or manage peoples data.

in ASCII art:

Hosting switch
Physical interface
| <IP> - dom0 - \
| <IP> - dom1 - --Bridge (With NFS traffic)
| <IP> - dom2 - /
| ...

I'm not finding much of any help on google at the moment, even though I assumed this would be a relatively common and straightforward setup.

Any help/pointers/links would be great,



PS - I've created the domains, but could easily recreate them if I need to - there isn't much config on them at the moment. PPS - All LVM based, on software RAID1. Having properly shared home directories and kerberos authentication should make managing this setup nice and easy. LVM snapshots should also make backing up the home directories a treat (system backups will be done independently).

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