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Re: [Xen-users] clocksource/0: Time went backwards

Does ntpd allow the time to go backwards?
However, i've found that the domU where i have been having most troubles with, 
doesn't run ntpd. ( I set independent_wallclock in every domU anyways ), 
I've just enabled ntpd, and going to see what happens!

Thanks Samuel!

Kind regards,


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Shane D. Johnson, le Wed 10 Oct 2007 17:05:39 -0600, a Ãcrit :
>    I haven't had this happen but I  have seen a lot of references to 
> similar problems on the mailing list archive.  I would start there and 
> see if you can find your fix there.

I also had this issue with Mach as domU.
It looked to me like this is due to the NTP daemon running in dom0 that
makes the time backward so as to align to NTP servers.


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