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Re: [Xen-users] Boot error with 2.6.23 domU

> > Mainline should support virtual block, virtual network, virtual console,
> > SMP, etc but not live migration, suspend-resume, framebuffer, or anything
> > involving dom0 functionality or direct device access.
> Is it aimed for 2.6.24? Or some of these features perhaps (live migration)?

I've not seen a plan for the 2.6.24 merge, so I don't know if any features are 
being added or if work is going into other things (e.g. paravirt_ops for 

From what Jeremy has told me before, live migration interacts badly with 
pre-emptible kernel (a fact which the mainline folks weren't too keen on, 
which I presume is why it isn't merged yet) but should be doable in the short 
term if migration depends on !CONFIG_PREEMPT.  I think there are plans for 
how to support both together in future, if there's sufficient motivation.


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