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Re: [Xen-users] Boot error with 2.6.23 domU

Mark Williamson schrieb:
I compiled a 2.6.23 kernel with domU support, but the following error
shows up when I try to boot it on a Xen-3.1.0:

Error: (2, 'Invalid kernel', 'xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\n')
Yep, same here.

Is there a fine manual somewhere on how to boot a 2.6.23 domU with Xen

Good to see that people are trying out the new Xen support in mainline!

To boot under Xen you need to use a vmlinux / vmlinuz image. Were you guys perhaps trying to use the bzImage? That won't work (yet).

The vmlinux that's in the root of your kernel build tree ought to work. I stripped and gziped mine to get a much, much smaller vmlinuz file and used it to boot a Xen domain for the first time last night - worked fine.

Could you attach your 2.6.23 domU .config file?

Tomasz Chmielewski

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