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Re: [Xen-users] 64bit kernel for 32bit pv DomU in 64bit Dom0


32 bit userland will always be compatible with 64 bit kernel.

And as far as I know there's no problem to proceed this way and I do the same.

This link also describes 32/64 bit compatibility between Dom0 and DomU.

Andris wrote:
Hello all!

I read in xen user archive thread where some people asked whether is
possible to run not modified 32 bit pv DomU's just copying 64bit kernel
modules in DomU and starting it with 64bit kernel (prepared for pv guests).
So people in that thread got answer- "may try".
We have a newer kernels and newer xen since 2006.
So I have the same situation:
need to run 32bit Ubuntu distro (commercial product, based on ubuntu
dapper) on 64bit Dom0 (Gentoo 2007.0, xen 3.1.1).
I have succes to run in as HVM, but I/O performance is far from desirable.
I made disk image and cloned that 32bit system on it. Modified fstab
added swap disk and copied modules directory from 64bit Dom0 and tried
to boot with my 64bit kernel prepared for 64bit pv guests.
System booted and seems to be working. Is such approach is ok or I may
encounter certain problems in future?


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