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Re: [Xen-users] Questions on memory allocation

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007, in a new attempt to enlighten us, Ryan Burke wrote:

RB> Javier,
RB> Xen does not dynamically adjust the amount of memory a DomU has available.
RB> In the configuration you've mentioned the DomU's will have 128 MB of RAM
RB> and you can manually adjust that up to 1024 MB of RAM using the "mem-set"
RB> command. 

  But then, what's the use of setting a 'mem-max' value? If you grow the 
domU memory manually, mem-max is... what? a sort of "preassure valve"? If 
you try to allocate more memory to the domU than "mem-max", it just 
caps you and give you an error?

  If this is the use, can anybody give me examples of WHEN and WHERE to 
use it, as I can't figure them out? 

  Regarding the "balloon driver": was it dropped? Some posts seems to 
state that, though I couldn't find further info about this. 

  And the values in /proc/xen/balloon? Can they be used with to create an 
script to allocate memory "sort of" automagically?


                Javier, a.a.t.

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