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Re: [Xen-users] XenSource Express 4.0.1 download and free to use...not quite...

> I have experienced demand of license using the command "xe create VLAN"
> and the command "xe create source pool".

Thats normal and expected because xensource express does not have all the 
features that the enterprise version has.
E.g. VLANs and resource pools, cpu pinning network rate limiting, PV Windows 
Drivers and probably some others as well (just refer the xensource page).

> Has anyone experienced this demand of licens when it should be free as
> announced from XenSource? 

you just need to understand that the xen open source project is NOT equal to 
xensource is (well, was ... before they got bought by citrix) a company that 
bundles (and develops) xen stuff into products to sell and support them.
Just look at xensource as a bundle of xen open source features (just some of 
the most stable ones) combined with some proprietary stuff like a nice 
clicky-color-shiny frontend client.

If you want to use the features you've mentioned - doityourself -  you have to 
create your own "package" by using the OSS xen within your favorite 
Or, if you do not have the time to cobble it together, or want to get good (?!) 
tech support - pay xensource ;) - or find free packages that fit your needs.

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